How recherché you are as the universe incarnate in this realm so exquisite. Your essence nonpareil, an art form manifest in this dream of God. How beauteous you are painted on the canvas of reality so meticulous in perfection, each cell the entire code of the universe, each drop of blood the rasa, each heart beat like music, each breath, a rebirth so sacred. I bow down to you in reverence in this cosmic masterpiece of remembering love. I'm honored to capture your essence on film. ~Luminous




Luminous is a multimedia artist and spiritual teacher that resides in Western North Carolina. She travels world-wide with her sovereignty magazine,

Esencia Eterna





- Since 2012 -

I’m Luminous

The being behind the lens

A portrait and lifestyle photographer with an ethereal eye, based in North Carolina.

My work is an expression of what it's like to be the universe in form. I have an ethereal style that captures the essence of my subjects. I've been told my photographs evoke emotions and sensuality. I have a spiritual relationship with light and I tell a love story with my camera.

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My Recent Work

There's a delicate dance between light and dark. A marriage of opposites. It mirrors the ocean. Like the collective unconscious and ebb and flow of creation; from the darkness births the light. In my art I meticulously express my love affair with light which is the gift of contrast. Without the dark there would be no light.